General FAQ

Where can I buy BeYu products?

BeYu products are available in over 40 countries. For detailed information about distributors worldwide please contact us.

How and where can I get advice concerning BeYu products?

You can find numerous tips and lots of information about our products on our homepage, on our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube profile. For furthermore information about our products please contact us.

Where can I get information about the ingredients in the products?

The ingredients are listed on the box of every product. Should a product be sold without a box then a list of the ingredients will be available at the sales counter. On request we can also inform you concerning the ingredients. To this end, please use our contact form and let us know the exact product description you are looking for.

How long is my product good for after opening?

Printed on all products is the PAO-symbol (Period after Opening), that is to say the amount of time the product is good for after opening. It states how many months the product lasts after the first opening. Exceptions to this are all sharpenable pencils such as for example the BeYu Color Biggies and Soft Liner which get a new surface through the sharpening which in turn extends their durability constantly.

How can I get brand new information about new products, sweepstakes and other news of BeYu?

You can get information about new products, sweepstakes and other interesting news items on our website as well as on our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube profile.

How can I get information about the skin compatibility of BeYu products?

The quality promise of BeYu includes that the skin compatibility of all products is dermatologically verified and that the products are suited for use with sensitive skin. BeYu stands for first class, skin compatible ingredients, best textures and continuous optimization.
Part of this is an identification of all products with the „dermatologically tested/suited for sensitive skin“-symbol. Paraben free as well as fragrance free products are further identified with our „Paraben Free“ or „Fragrance Free“-symbols. You can find the corresponding symbols for every product on our homepage.

Are BeYu products tested using animals?

No, of course not. All BeYu cosmetic products adhere to the string regulations of the European Cosmetics Regulations which means that no animal testing may be conducted. Further information you can find here.

Beauty FAQ

According to which criteria should I select my makeup?

There is fluid, creamy or compact makeup. Select your makeup with a view to the desired result concerning coverage and comfort as well as your skin type. Which texture is the right one for you depends on your individual wishes.
On our homepage you can find lots of information.

In the Douglas stores the trained Douglas employees are happy to advise you personally and are available to answer your questions.

How can I find the right foundation for my skin tone and type?

Since every human has a different skin tone and type you should coordinate your foundation to your individual skin requirements.

Which BeYu Foundation is best suited for you?

On our homepage you can find lots of information.

In the Douglas stores the trained Douglas employees are happy to advise you personally and are available to answer your questions.

Why do I apply an additional powder on top of the foundation?

The powder reduces possible gloss effects of the foundation and gives the skin a matt finish. Furthermore, the powder layer increases the durability of the foundation. The make-up is better able to withstand the numerous unconscious touches of the face thanks to the protective powder layer. The complexion is given an even, smooth appearance. A special bonus: The powder protects the skin from damaging environmental influences like sun, wind and cold.

How can I best apply make-up?

When applying make-up as with anything tastes differ. Be it natural and modest or flamboyant and flashy, when applying make-up your fantasy knows no boundaries. We provided several helpful tips and tutorials for make-up application for the BeYu-Looks which you may reapply simply at home. Have a look in our Get the Look area.

How do I apply makeup to my eyes like a professional?

You can apply great eye makeup too with a bit of practice. In fact you only need to maintain the proper order of steps when applying makeup and have the right tools at hand. In our Make up Tips and Make up Tutorials you can find tools for great looks and an enchanting eye makeup with simple step-by-step instructions for reapplication.

How can I extend the durability of my eye makeup?

The solution: our Eye Base. The eye shadow primer prevents the buildup of eye shadow and eyeliner in the lid crease and improves their durability, color intensity and luminosity. The eye makeup is also easier to apply and spread.