You decide. You’re the trend. Your very own. #BEYOURSELF

BeYu is all about developing yourself. No mindless copying of what’s supposedly fashionable somewhere in the world. Only you can be unique!

At a time in which having the courage to be yourself is far from easy, BeYu aims to make long-forgotten mottos like ‘Be true to yourself’ a firm part of your attitude once again. We create products that inspire you to experiment with – and embrace – every aspect of yourself. The personality of BeYu reflects current trends.



1999the visionary and cosmetics expert Helmut Baurecht introduced the brand BeYu to the market in order to fulfill the wishes and expectations of trend-oriented, confident young women: Cosmetic with a promise of high quality and exceptional price-performance ratio.

For 20 years the brand has been a success on the market. One of the main reasons for this is that BeYu recognized international trend themes and implements them and adapts constantly to changing customer needs! Over 500 items, around 120 new releases per year and a global presence in over 40 countries speak to this!

BeYu cosmetics and more GmbH belong to the ARTDECO cosmetic group which was founded in 1985. With more than 500 employees it belongs among the most success producers of cosmetics products in Europe.

The special thing about the ARTDECO cosmetic group: In the company headquarters at the location in Karlsfeld close to Munich everything is under one roof.

From administration to marketing, production, logistics to the internal advertising department, all these department are located in the same place. This allows a quick reaction to the market and upcoming trends.


The skin compatibility of BeYu products is dermatologically tested.

BeYu stands for first class, skin-compatible ingredients, best textures and continuous optimization. A quality which can be experienced with all senses: from the high quality texture to the modern and functional packaging. Ensuring this are the strictly audited production facilities and the very high quality standards according to the strict regulations of the European Cosmetic Regulation.

All BeYu products are dermatologically approved. Most of our products were tested using subjects with sensitive skin. These tests were accompanied and verified by dermatologists. 

This symbol indicates that the respective product does not contain and parabens.

What are parabens? Parabens are the much used conservation products for example against bacteria.

The symbol indicates that the products identified with it contain no perfumes.

What means perfume free? At BeYu perfume free means that the product contains no perfumes, perfume oils, fragrances, aesthetic oils or allergenic fragrances. These materials can cause an allergic reaction with some persons. 


BeYu conducts no testing of cosmetic products on animals and has also not tasked third parties with conducting such research

BeYu explicitly opposes animal testing. Since its founding, BeYu conducted no testing of cosmetic products on animals and has also not tasked third parties with conducting such research. Animal tests have been forbidden for decorative cosmetic products since 1986 according to the animal protection law. Since 1998 this applies to all finished cosmetic products. A corresponding prohibition is in place since March 2011 for cosmetic raw materials as well which BeYu welcomes very much! According to this raw materials which were developed for use in cosmetics may no longer be tested regarding their dermatological properties using animal testing. 

BeYu requests confirmation from its upstream suppliers that no animal tests were conducted. BeYu conducts internal application tests or patch-tests (epicutaneous-tests) using volunteers to determine the localized skin compatibility of the product. To determine the skin compatibility of a product and in order to minimize irritations BeYu conducts internal application tests or path-tests (epicutaneous-tests) or skin compatibility tests using volunteers. 

BeYu opposes animal testing!