‘Just for our millions of young, diverse and lovely ladies out there – I’m gonna give my very best to inspire you with my intention of respecting and expressing your unique beauty – to find the striking balance between perfect skin and strong, expressive make-up looks.’




Even at the young age of ten, my biggest wish was to become a professional make-up artist. I knew this was the path for me after watching my mother at work doing stage make-up in the theatre. Since then, I’ve given everything to make my dream come true. As a child, my beloved mother already taught me the most important features and techniques to achieve flawless make-up, thus also helping me to crack the code to the secret interplay of light and shade.


Later, Luna decided to pursue her dream of becoming a professional make-up artist further, and soon embarked upon a successful career in show business. After seven years, she decided to focus on photo shoots in order to capture her make-up art in pictorial form.

Since then, Luna has gathered in-depth experience as a professional and passionate make-up artist. Her training covers a wide range of skills in the areas of hair and make-up artistry and special effects. She also gained additional qualifications from a hair academy and the ABC Nailstore nail modelling school.

For 12 years, Luna has been working in fashion & beauty for the feature & advertising film industry, as well as for TV and photo productions. Alongside numerous actors and models, her clients have included Claudia Schiffer, Jamiroquai, Ana Ivanovic and many well-known celebrities.


Luna has represented the BeYu brand around the world since 2018. As a make-up artist and trainer, she is a passionate and dedicated ambassador of BeYu products both on a national and international level. She holds regular training sessions and seminars, creates looks for international photo shoots and beauty campaigns, shares her professional knowledge in tutorials and magazines and supports our team with new products.

‘For me, BeYu is about more than just perfectly covering things up on your face with the very best and ultra-fine textures, or even just enjoying the huge variety of colourful and different liners we have in our wide range – for me, the message goes much deeper than that!

I believe that BeYu is more about inviting your inner beauty and emotions to come out again! Just feel comfortable in your skin, the unique way you are and discover a whole new generation of happiness in your own skin!

My mission will be to combine all of my well-matched skills to create a new generation of flawless make-up, complete with helpful and innovative tools – as well as tips and tricks just for you and every day!’