Gel look top coat without UV Lamp. For perfectly beautiful, studio quality nails!

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Product details
  • Mr. GEL, the hero of all top coats!
  • Turns any colored nail polish into the trendy gel look
  • Long-lasting gel gloss up to 10 days
  • Innovative, gel-like texture similar to the 3D effect of a professional treatment
  • Gentle on nails, easy to take off with conventional nail polish remover
The easiest way to get the trendy gel look – simply without UV Lamp!
Just 2 steps:
1. Apply nail polish of your choice in two thin layers, letting them dry thoroughly.
2. Apply a thin layer of Mr. GEL to the dried colored nail polish and let it dry.

NOTICE: Do not shake the Mr. GEL Top Coat bottle!
Extra tip
To properly seal the nail polish, cover the ends of the nails with the top coat as well.

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