Mascara in statement colors. For eye-catching highlights with WOW effect!

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Product details
  • Intense color transfer from first application
  • Voluminous texture with optimal durability
  • With nourishing carnauba wax
  • Available in a handy little BeYu Mascara bottle
  • Various application options: either to the tips of the lashes or the entire lash length

Easy application - only 2 steps needed:
1. Apply black BeYu Mascara to the entire lashes.
2. Complete your look with one or more colors of your choice from the diverse range of COLOR PLAY LASH TIP products by applying them to the lash tips or the entire lash length.
Extra tip
3 Trend Looks: - To recreate the fashionable duo look, coat one set of lashes in two colors or the upper and lower lashes in different colors. - For the on-trend rainbow look, coat the lashes in lots of different colors. - For very special occasions, the Color Play Lash Tips can also be worn on the eyebrows.

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