Stencil set with brush. For trendy and individual eyebrow looks!

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Product details
  • 5 individual trend- stencils: natural thin, natural full, elegant, sophisticated, sexy full
  • Well-adherent, flexible material
  • Includes a perfectly matching brush
  • With helpful markings: easy to use
Place the chosen stencil on the eyebrow, and press lightly against the skin, ensuring there are no gaps. Take up the Catwalk Star Eyebrow Powder with the enclosed powder brush, and fill in the stencil. Clean the stencil after every use.
Extra tip
For the perfect eyebrow follow the useful markings on the stencil: 1. Beginning of the brow (the vertical line from the nostril) 2. End of the brow (the line from the nostril to the end of the outer corner of the eye) 3. Highest point of the brow (the line from the nostril to the pupil)

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