Tweezers and comb in one. For perfectly plucked and groomed eyebrows!

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Product details
  • 2in1 multi-talent: tweezers with comb
  • The tweezers remove even the shortest hair precisely and easily
  • Slanted tip of the tweezers rests completely against the skin
  • The comb perfectly defines the brow
  • Tweezers rest comfortably in the hand for a secure grip
Using the comb, first groom hairs upwards so that it is easier to see stray hairs in need of plucking.
The slanted tip allows you to remove even the shortest hair easily.
Brush the brow back into the direction of growth once finished.

Extra tip
Stretching the skin between thumb and forefinger, pluck the hair as close to the root as possible. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Always pluck in the direction of hair growth.

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